Hope & Redemption: The Lena Baker Story

Lena's place in history

What I done, I done in self defense, or I would have been killed myself. Ė Lena Baker

Before Barack Obama, before Martin Luther King, Jr., before Rosa Parks, there was Lena Baker.

Lenaís place in history is cemented by the mere fact that she was the first and only woman ever to be executed by the electric chair in Georgia. However, her significance goes beyond simple facts. Lena now has the power to educate a new generation about the battles that were previously fought. Had it not been for the struggles and inhumane treatment of Lena Baker and others like her, there would have been no real motivation for the change that has come.

With the existence of Obama we tend to forget the history and believe that weíve all moved on, says Wilcox, The reality is that everything is not ok. Thereís a lot of progress made in our society and race relations, but there are still people suffering from stigmas. We have to continuously keep these things in the forefront of this generationís minds.

Wilcox also feels that Lena can be a reminder to all that the past should not be forgotten, lest we repeat it. This film is a way for me to give Lena the defense she never had when she was living, says Wilcox, Even though she was flawed, she still deserved to have someone come to her defense, just as we all do. Any one of us can find ourselves in a situation where we need some support and protection. If we donít get it and everyone brushes us off, itís only a matter of time before we all go down the drain. Lena reminds us of what happens when we donít step up and take care of each other.